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Let No One Say They're Inconsistent
2008-06-30 17:15
by Mark T.R. Donohue

So much for taking revenge upon the Tigers, huh? The Rockies finished another road trip winless, something that for many franchises would be an historic oddity. Colorado seems to do it a couple of times a year. They've just finished another one of those sequences where the team seemed to be turning it around on a homestand, only to crumple the moment Coors Field was in the rearview. Your 2008 Rockies: just like every other year's Rockies, except one.

A new series at home against San Diego might provide some temporary respite. Colorado has been getting big scores run up on them even as the offense sputters. The Padres are probably the least likely team in the National League to have a sudden offensive explosion, even in Denver, and they've got even less to play for than the Rockies do. It's another brutal season in Colorado, but at the very least nearly all our players still have most of their careers ahead of them. (Willy Taveras's career is almost over, though.) The Padres have to be really playing out the string, with the same unpleasant rebuilding process San Francisco is mired in ahead of them. The Rockies have hope always in front of them.

Kind of like a carrot on a stick. Anyway, hopefully I will get home in time to watch the last few innings of this one, because it feels like a week since I watched the Rockies get a win.

2008-07-01 08:14:39
1.   Todd S
I think we can all agree that 15 runs counts as an offensive explosion for the Padres. My condolences.

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