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So Much for the Season
2008-09-28 13:55
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The 2008 Rockies go out with a whimper, and no one in Denver is likely paying any attention as the Broncos get upset in Kansas City. While watching the Broncos game this afternoon, I tried to work out whether I was sad about the year being over for Colorado baseball or not. I decided I'm thinking positive. Next year will be better. I don't think there's any solid logical reason to believe that, no more so than the folks who thought the Mariners would win the AL West this year, but I feel it. I guess I'm still a fan.

What a hombre that Johan Santana is. Among teams that aren't the Rockies in the National League, I root for both the Mets and the Brewers, but I think between the two of them I'd rather see Milwaukee get in, given that I was two years old the last time the Brewers appeared in the postseason. So, with that said... wow, you can't be a baseball fan and not have a tingly response to performance's like Santana's yesterday.

Don't know whom I like in the playoffs yet... have to wait and see which teams get in. You know the drill: The teams that had something to play for down the stretch and were playing meaningful games right down to the wire have the advantage over the teams that clinched a month ago. Unless they don't. Maybe being rested and having your rotation set up just so gives the advantage. Either way we won't know until after the dust settles, when Steve Phillips tells us. Steve knows now, but he's keeping his mouth shut by the request of Bud Selig, so as not to spoil the surprise.

The winner of the AL Central almost certainly will be at a disadvantage if the White Sox win their makeup game with Detroit tomorrow and force a one-game playoff with Minnesota (or if the Twins blow the lead they have as I write this and the Tigers win Monday). Playing one extra game didn't really slow the Rockies down much last year but two extra games seems like pushing it, even though both of the bonus contests for Chicago would be at home.

I'm pulling for both Chicago teams to make the playoffs, even though the Twins are an enduring small-market success story (and the White Sox are just another $100 million team with bloated hunks of dead money on their books). The Twins had their chances in recent years, many times over, and it's time for a new generation of flyover flag-bearers. The Rays and the Brewers, we hope, this year. The Rockies again next year!

2008-09-28 14:28:56
1.   Woden325
"I decided I'm thinking positive."
Who are you, and what have you done with Mark?

In all seriousness, though, I'm slightly optimistic about next season. It sounds like the Rockies and the Monforts are serious about improving the starting pitching during the off-season. If they do, I think next season will be much, much, better than this one was.

2008-09-28 15:06:13
2.   Woden325
Also, they need to do something about Manny Corpas. Last year he was lights out, this year he gets lit up.
2008-09-28 15:37:14
3.   Woden325
And what a revolting way to end the season! After Ubaldo pitches a beauty of a game, the Rockies lose by walking in the winning run, and against the D-Backs, no less!

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