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Dodgers 6, Rockies 2
2005-05-01 07:12
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I admit I missed most of yet another road loss (1-9) while I was watching the Nuggets lose ugly, but the box score tells the story. Joe Kennedy lowered his season ERA by giving up 5 ER (6 overall) in 6 1/3, most of them in a brutal fifth. Don't hit the pitcher, Joe, even if Lou Piniella tells you so. Kennedy only struck out two in the outing, giving weight to the theory that his fine 2004 season was a flash in the pan and a diminishing K/BB ratio and fluctuating velocity tell the real tale. That's bad news for the Rockies, who had to think that with Kennedy, Jason Jennings, Jeff Francis, and a suddenly revived Shawn Chacon they had at least the skeleton of a respectable rotation. Kennedy was wisely signed to only a one-year contract at totally reasonable terms ($2.2 mil), so if he continues to be miserable, Colorado can cut bait painlessly.

Over on offense, Brad Hawpe continued his hot start with two singles and a homer. It's a good sign for the Rockies that some of the young guys are hitting on the road, even if the pitchers aren't performing, Coors Field can have a deleterious effect on road averages (ask Vinny ".218" Castilla). Barmes, Sullivan, and Hawpe are at least hitting for average on the road, if not for much power. Meanwhile Garret Atkins is back in the fold, which is an improvement on Baker/Relaford/Gonzalez at third and gives the offense some spark, which is more than you can say for the bullpen.

As for our man Clint, he went 0 for 4 with two K's. Take a walk, Clint. Just one, for me.

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