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Step Away from Preston Wilson!
2005-05-02 11:11
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I never realized that keeping a baseball blog would entail writing notes about notes columns. I mean, how meta is that?

Troy E. Renck's latest is a pre-obit for Preston Wilson, who has been outplayed by Cory Sullivan lately and is making a cool $12 million. Wilson's Coors-enhanced homer totals will give him at least lukewarm trade value, although there's no way the Rockies will get out from under him without absorbing some salary. Where will Wilson go? Well, the Cubs could use another outfielder, and they've got scads of arms in AAA that Dusty Baker will never give chances to pitch. Wilson could join his equally overrated former running mate Jeromy Burnitz and Corey Patterson -- they could call it the Five Hundred Strikeout Outfield.

The crux of Renck's piece is that Wilson has become a mentor to all those Gen R kids, passing along no doubt his secrets to excessive whiffs, deficient bases on balls, and subpar outfield defense. Bad Preston! Just be quiet and try not to get (more) injured!

Also the Rockies are in the lead in the Dan Miceli sweepstakes. I think I speak for Colorado fans everywhere when I say whoo! Dan Miceli!

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