Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Padres 2, Rockies 1
2005-05-03 22:59
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I missed "Veronica Mars" for that? Stupid baseball team. If the Rockies are going to lose, you want them to lose badly, so you can say, "Oh well, same old pitching, what are you going to do?" When Colorado gets terrific starting pitching, as they did from Jamey Wright tonight, it gnaws at you. Even the bullpen wasn't terrible. Jay Witasick did take the loss, but you can't expect your relievers not to give up a stray run here and there. The failure here lies entirely on the shoulders of the offense.

The only guys who looked good were Todd Helton, who hit a clutch double to get into scoring position down one run in the ninth, Cory Sullivan, who was 2 for 4 subbing as leadoff man for Aaron Miles, and Todd Greene, who scored Colorado's only run with a solo shot in the top of the second. Wright himself had a single -- he's 4 for 11 on the year.

That got me thinking. Jason Jennings can handle the bat pretty well too. How do the Rockies' pitchers rank as hitters? Going by OPS, they're sixth. The Cubs are not surprisingly #1 -- Carlos Zambrano and Mark Prior are good batters, and the departure of Matt Clement has an addition-by-subtraction effect in this category. Mike Hampton alone is probably enough to put the Braves in the top 5. The surprise at #3 is the Nationals. I don't know much about their staff. Is Esteban Loaiza a slugger?

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