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Supporting the Scene
2005-05-04 04:42
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I'm really excited by this whole MLBlogs concept, as you perhaps can surmise from my hyperactive posting on this my own site. I wish that Major League Baseball had been so kind as to include a clever indexing system so I could find like-minded bloggers more easily -- just the ability to sort the active pages by team would be a help. Nonetheless, just by cruising the "recently updated" links which you may even now be noticing to the left of this very post, I've found a few blogs whose development is worth monitoring:

  • Thoughts On Baseball is a look at news around the whole league that manages to get you thinking with just a few words per post. Such a knack for brevity completely eludes me, I admit.
  • The charmingly named In-depth Baseball Analysis wants to convince you that the White Sox are for real, and also ambitiously predicts the results of every major league game. The necessary ChiSox fan hatred/envy of the Cubs is present in spades as well.
  • All Things Cardinal is...pretty much what the title implies. This link is worth checking out just for the palpable disappointment you can feel as the blogger describes what the 2004 World Series was like for STL fans.
  • "...and this one belongs to the Reds!" manages an impressive feat: making me care about a team I don't like. Pete Rose, Marge Schott, Rob Dibble, Jim Bowden...something about that Cincinnati club just rubs me wrong. This blog however is done up well by a true fan who knows everything there is to know about a team that's not that good. I know what that feels like.
  • Ballpark Tour of Duty follows two Iraq veterans enjoying one of the purest things about the country they fought for: baseball, baseball, baseball. Even if you're a radical peacenik (like most of the kids I went to college with; I went to Berkeley) you can't deny the appeal of a running ranking of stadium hotdogs around the country. Thanks, guys, and may I put in the good word for the footlong brats at Coors Field.
  • AstroLifer Journal is a brand new one, but I loved the first entry...I didn't know the Astros HAD fans this hardcore. I got to take in two college games at Minute Maid Park in February, and they have a beautiful park down there in Houston. I've always had a fondness for the Astros (Rogers Clemens excepted); I got a grey Brad Lidge jersey for my birthday this year.
  • Finally, two for the A's: View Level View updates the scene from the 300 section at the Oakland Coliseum, where I spent way too much time during my college years, and Swishified! is the handiwork of my buddy Chris, who has more A's gear than Rickey Henderson.

Keep on posting, everybody, and if you have a cool site that I missed, hit me up with an e-mail.

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