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Where Are You, Jimmy Chitwood?
2005-05-05 03:08
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Inconsolable after yesterday's games saw the Nuggets eliminated and the Rockies fall behind the winning pace of the Amazin' '62 Mets, I watched the movie Hoosiers for the first time in years. I feel a little better. Do any of those retro clothiers make #15 Hickory High jerseys? I would buy one of those in a second.

If you wish to continue reading about the slow development of the Rockies' young talent, you can read about the struggles of J.D. Closser, the struggles of Jason Jennings, and the struggles of Matt Holliday. On the lighter side of things, Clint Barmes likes country music and Frosted Flakes.

If Clint Hurdle is no Coach Dale, Bob Apodaca is no Shooter. You can read about his work with the pitching staff here if you honestly think there is anything that can be done. If you want to know what the national media thinks of the Colorado Rockies, I'll save you two trips: #30 and #30.

The Marlins are next up after a travel day, and with Dontrelle Willis (1.29 ERA) and Josh Beckett (2.57 ERA) set to pitch the first two games, a nice round ten-game losing streak sounds like an inevitability. Strange things have been known to happen in this game we love, though. Don't give up hope. And pass four times before you shoot.

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