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Unlike the Last Rockies-Marlins Series, Snowouts Are Not Expected
2005-05-06 08:24
by Mark T.R. Donohue

It appears as if the Marlins' stadium story (registration required) we've been following intently since last night before bed is a dead issue. Too bad, there's a drawing of the proposed new park with the article and it looks real pretty; it's a sardine can-style design like Minute Maid Park only more lavender. Perhaps Florida can make up the $30 million they're short by striking some kind of deal with Pepperidge Farm to build the new digs in the shape of a giant goldfish. Or, they could just ask Shaq.

Back at altitude, Denny Neagle's dispute with the Rockies is settled, putting an end to an ugly story indeed, though not as ugly as Neagle's pitching while with Colorado. The Rockies will apparently end up paying $16 million of the $19.5 owed. After legal fees it's probably a wash, but at least they've proved that the Colorado Major League Baseball club doesn't brook with Low Morals. Does David Wells have one of these good citizenship clauses in his contract? The Post this morning also gives us this story about the team's offensive difficulties away from Coors.

Are you like me? Do you really hate those new black sleeveless alternate jerseys the Rockies are wearing this year? (ESPN's Uni Watch surely does.) Well, now whenever you see them you know whom to blame: the night's starting pitcher. Jamey Wright seems to be the only one of the Rockies' current quintet who prefers the sleeveless look (Shawn Chacon: "You probably won't see me wearing those"), so if you happen to catch Wright starting this season, please let him know that his team looks like full-body bruises in those things. For the record, when it comes to roadwear Chacon and Joe Kennedy prefer the purple while Jason Jennings and Jeff Francis like the grey. (DAFH has a nice punchline to this story.)

Finishing off this morning's survey of the relevant headlines: Marcos Carvajal is the youngest current big leaguer (I didn't know that) and the Marlins have done somewhat better than the Rockies since '93 (that I knew).

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