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Will the Rockies Win Ten Games by June?
2005-05-06 13:43
by Mark T.R. Donohue

It's a question that demands closer examination. Consider the schedule ahead: with three games in Florida and three at home against Atlanta, they'll be lucky to get one win. Assuming they don't they continue at home with four against Arizona and three against San Francisco. They probably get either one against each or two against the D-Backs, making 8 total. Then they have a long NL Central swing, facing Pittsburgh and Milwaukee three apiece and the Cubs for four. Given the way they've played on the road thus far, they could easily win only one game for the whole trip, probably against the Pirates. Then look who's waiting at Coors Field. Uh-oh, it's the Cardinals, the best team in the National League. That's a four-game series -- a four-game sweep?

I'll see you at Coors on Friday, June 3rd, when the Rockies face the Cincinnati Reds for a chance to hit double-digit wins!

OK, here I am surely catastrophizing. But the point is this: this will not be a season for the weak of heart. Maybe I should have titled the page "The Ugly, the Ugly, and the Barmes." We'd still have Todd Helton covered. Sorry, Todd, you know we love you.

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