Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Rockies 8, Marlins 3
2005-05-08 14:00
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The streak is over! Colorado finally ran into an average starting pitcher and ripped him pretty good, with an A-Miles granny and Clint Barmes inside-the-park three-run job chasing Al Leiter. Jeff Francis responded to the sudden burst of run support with a 7-strikeout, 6 2/3-inning outing that only lost control when his pitch count got up around 120 in the seventh inning.

Everyone in the lineup save Dustan Mohr and Michael Restovich had one safety; Barmes had a single in the first in addition to the fly ball Juan Encarnacion misplayed into a round-tripper. It was odd to see the Rockies sacrificing in the first inning (the best way to avoid lots of scoring is to give away outs), but Aaron Miles deserves credit at least for executing what he was instructed to do.

Jay Witasick pitched a scoreless 1 1/3 in relief of Francis; nice rebound effort on his part. Marcos Carvajal, who hasn't worked in a few days, was shakier in the ninth, walking two and giving up a hit before striking out Damion Easley and Jeff Conine to finish off the win.

The worrying thing is that the Rockies went real quiet after their two big innings, not much threatening after the fourth. This team needs to keep the Coors mentality that no lead is safe wherever they go. Still, a win's a win, and this bunch of kids deserved one on Mother's Day of all days. Which reminds me: Hi, Mom, if you're reading, and thanks for attending all of those Foley Buick games back in the day, even when I only played two innings in right field, picking dandelions and wondering when they would let me play short.

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