Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
One in a Row
2005-05-09 02:59
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Jeff Francis: "Maybe I should start eating breakfast for dinner." Dustan Mohr: "Barry's just zis guy, y'know?" Matt Holliday: "Light my fire." Bernie Lincicome: "Being the worst is not as easy as it seems." Todd Helton: "It's not going to get any easier."

Off the Rockies beat, the California state government wants the "Los Angeles" Angels to put a disclaimer on their tickets that indicates that the team (still) plays in Anaheim. I'm not sure what it is that has the White Sox playing like the '98 Yankees, but I'm pretty sure it's not clubhouse chemistry. I had read somewhere and mentioned in passing earlier that Twins starter Carlos Silva was out long-term; as it turns out the guy is playing with a lateral meniscus tear in his right (plant) knee. That's got to take a lot of ice.

The Rockies may be terrible, but they're in good company. The Cubs (registration required) and Yankees each ended streaks of their own this weekend. The drama is hardly over as Dusty Baker and Mel Stottlemyre face external and internal threats to their jobs. Were I Joe Torre, I would resign in two seconds flat were Steinbrenner to can Stottlemyre. The guy didn't ask for this bunch of fragile, over-the-hill arms. As for Baker, I got to see firsthand while living in San Francisco that while the guy's a good clubhouse leader and a wonderful interview, he can't game-manage his way out of a resin bag. He still hasn't figured out that lefty straight-change specialist Mike Remlinger is better against right-handed hitters than left-handed ones, even though he's had more than two years in which to do so. As far as I can tell no such questions exist about the job security of Clint Hurdle and Bob Apodaca. Give it time.

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