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Maybe It's Being Raised in Chicago, but Day Games are Just Better
2005-05-11 10:49
by Mark T.R. Donohue

It's BK day! I have no idea what to expect from Byung-Hyun. The Red Sox thought they could make him into a starter after flipping Shea Hillenbrand for the erstwhile bullpen stopper. It didn't pan out, and neither has the Rockies' attempt to turn him back into a relief pitcher. So, here we go again. You have to root for the guy, who like Rick Ankiel seems to have lost all sense of where he's supposed to be throwing. And BK can't hit, not that anything will ever come of Ankiel's rebirth as an outfielder.

Posting: Cory Sullivan gets some deserved props. Also: humidor controversy! It's not Jason Jennings' fault, the outfield is too big. RMN: Clint Hurdle says re: Jennings "there is a difference between effort and achievement." Plus: David Cortes, last-chancer; Colorado's 19 wild pitches lead the majors. SI: Clint Barmes makes #17 on the list of the top 20 young hitters in baseball. CBS: Rockies make #30 (again) in the power rankings.

My question to you the reader for today: Were the Rockies to trade Preston Wilson (or, gulp, Todd Helton) what's our top priority? Starting pitching, relievers, second base? You can never have too many starters, I say. But on the other hand, Aaron Miles has got to go. And watching Jay Witasick labor out on the mound is not my idea of springtime fun either. OK, we need everything. But what do we need the most?

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