Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Unexciting Transactions
2005-05-11 15:14
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Whilst I was busy marveling at Byung-Hyun Kim's instant resurgence and shaking my fist in anger at the pointlessness of ever starting Desi Relaford, the Row scooped me on this doozy: two waiver claims and a meaningless trade to clear roster space! Well, there's Michael Restovich's, Blaine Neal's and Randy Williams' families to consider I suppose. Restovich goes to the Pirates, where he will no longer have to wear the uniform pictured at left and may actually get some playing time in an outfield that is pretty bad past Jason Bay. The Rockies will most likely receive cash for their troubles.

Meanwhile, off the wires we get two generic lefty relievers. Blaine Neal throws hard, has decent strikeout and walk numbers, but simply gets hit too much. Randy Williams? His weakness is the base on balls, 10 in 9 career major league innings. Maybe Apodaca's powerful coaching abilities will somehow cure these no-hopers of their weaknesses. Then again, perhaps not.

As Smoltz begins the bottom of the eighth in what's turning out to be a marvelous ballgame, I return my full attention to the TV. Props to the courageous Colorado fans who actually made it out to the ballpark in this miserable weather.

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