Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
If Only the Rockies Had Rollover
2005-05-14 10:35
by Mark T.R. Donohue

In Chin-Hui's absence, Brian Fuentes will be the fill-in closer. That's what we call riding the hot hand. No complaints here, young Marcos Carvajal probably isn't durable enough mentally or physically to finish off games. In a situation with multiple tough righthanders though, I would subscribe to an any-righty-but-Witasick policy. Clint Hurdle sees only further change in the future for the Colorado pen. Byung-Hyun Kim will be back in the mix after his decent spot start Wednesday as Joe Kennedy's ankle is healing apace.

Farm report and an incredibly useless "FYI" here. Hurdle spews platitudes re: Barmes and references something kinda dirty-sounding called a "spray chart" here. And as it is the 25th anniversary of the original Friday the 13th, we'll end with a flashback to the #1 all-time Rockies horror story:'s Jacob Luft naming the Mike Hampton deal as the worst free agent signing of all time.

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