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Diamondbacks 10, Rockies 4
2005-05-15 08:24
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I've decided to start this recap with a picture of TV's Kristen Bell, with the following reasoning: Kristen is short and pretty. The Rockies game yesterday was long and ugly. Colorado first took it on the chin in a 4-run first that they might have gotten out of unscathed were it not for a call that went against them on a squibbed pop-up to Todd Helton. From my perspective and TiVo's, Helton scooped the Luis Gonzalez-struck ball up before it hit the ground then ran to first to double up Chad Tracy. The umpires didn't see it that way, and for all intents and purposes the game was over right there in the top of the first. Instead of a runner at third and two outs, it was one out, second and third, and Jamey Wright after inducing a Troy Glaus groundout folded like wet newspaper.

The bleeding continued in a third inning that featured no fewer than three throwing errors, two on the same play. First Todd Helton uncharacteristically threw wide to Clint Barmes trying to start a double play, everybody safe. Then J.D. Closser picked up a nubber of a sac bunt by pitcher Brandon Webb, tried to get Chris Snyder at second, nearly air-mailed Barmes, who made a nice flying grab but then tossed the ball into the stands over a flailing Helton going after Webb at first. I imagine most viewers probably tuned out during the ensuing delay, where Arizona manager Bob Melvin stormed out of the dugout to argue at length that his team's lead should be eight instead of seven.

Not much happened after that. The Rockies' offense, meaning mostly Todd Helton (3 for 3 with a walk and a homer), ventured a tentative comeback attempt in the middle innings, but new bullpen schmoes Blaine Neal (one inning, two hits, a walk, two runs) and David Cortes (one inning, two hits, a walk, one run) conspired to assure that it would not be so. New "closer" Brian Fuentes pitched a perfect, two-strikeout ninth if that does anything for you.

Not to much else to go over. Clint Barmes extended his hitting streak into double-digit games with a single but was otherwise quiet. Aaron Miles (2 for 5) was the only Colorado batter besides Helton with multiple hits. J.D. Closser, in addition to his error afield, was an ugly 0-for-4, three strikeouts at the plate. Garrett Atkins was unable to build on his recent successes, posting an 0-for-4 of his own.

A team loss, to be sure, although Jamey Wright's Coors woes are beginning to spook even me out. And I'm no superstitious ballplayer.

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