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2005-05-17 10:17
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Wilson to Washington may be a dead issue with the Nationals' acquisition of Marlon Byrd from the Phillies. Still plenty of teams in need of outfielders out there, though, and Washington seemed dead set on the Rockies taking Preston's entire salary anyway. Possibilities still: Baltimore, San Francisco, Chicago AL (if Jermaine Dye keeps hitting under .200), Chicago NL (their corner outfielders are pathetic), Atlanta (ditto). San Diego could be a long shot if they keep playing well. Face it, any team with a winning record will take a look at Wilson if the price is right. Dan O'Dowd just has to get more than one interested so Colorado can get something worthwhile for their troubles.

Get to know Brad Hawpe, now that he's unavailable for a few days (illness in the family).

Stupid questions get stupid answers. Honestly, I'm just a **** with a weblog, and I get better questions than a columnnist for a major national daily. What gives? If this Troy E. Renck mailbag is to be believed, Rockies fans are all mouth-breathers who want to junk Garrett Atkins for one error, haven't paid attention enough to know Hawpe took the right field job from Dustan Mohr, didn't notice Chin-Hui is out for the year, are worried the team will move to Vegas, and think beer at the ballpark is just too pricey. (This last question has come up before, so quickly: Coors Field and other ballparks don't set beer prices so high for reasons of profiteering or supply and demand. They do it in an attempt to keep people's alcohol consumption at a manageable level, lest they behave like idiots. I think I speak for baseball fans everywhere when I say if you want to go to the ballpark to get drunk -- don't.)

Also: Aaron Miles benefits from drop to 2-hole, Clint Barmes believes his range trumps his high error total: "If I'm going to make a mistake, it's going to be aggressive."

Today's post brought to you by the new record by Fall Out Boy, suburban Chicago's emo all-stars. One-dimensional, yes, but a nice album to put on in the morning to inspire you to hurry up and do your news post when all you want to do is put your jammies back on and watch the Team America DVD. In addition, I went to play group with their bass player.

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