Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
2005-05-18 10:15
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Brad Hennessey has never pitched at Coors before, which is not true of Shawn Chacon, who only looks like it sometimes. Elsewhere, Felipe Alou explains why Jason Ellison, the Giants' hottest hitter, sat against the Rockies last night. Alou on Clint Barmes: "The game needs a performer like that." I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but another power rankings article has the Rockies dead last, with a note that Todd Helton is hitting pretty well. Oh, there's some deep research right there. You can also vote on Colorado's new jerseys, although I fear the poll is non-binding. SI's Tom Verducci names Todd Helton Greatest Hitter Alive, although based on his raw batting average alone.

And in the local press: Rockies' defense bad, Hawpe back in the fold, Todd Greene promotes Jamie Quirk for Royals' vacancy. (Who would want that job?) The Rockies are on ESPN2 tonight (Dustan Mohr: "Everyone knows it's because of Barry"); you have to imagine the Sports Leader wishes it had the scheduling flexibility Monday Night Football has negotated for what with this sexy Chacon-Hennessey pitching matchup.

Early game on ESPN today, with two American League teams struggling on offense, the Angels and the Indians. It'll be a nice chance to escape from the constant pressure of the Rockies beat and just enjoy a baseball game. The preseason-overrated Angels have scuffled but are still in first place in what's shaping out to be a lousy AL West. The Indians were expected to be at least a .500 team this year after their offense was explosive last season, but the power has mysteriously gone away. Meanwhile the White Sox and Twins might be the two best teams in the American League. I'm rooting for the Indians, because I just can't stand Bartolo Colon. If you're going to be fat and out of shape, at least be amusingly surly like David Wells and Sidney Ponson, I always say.

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