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2005-05-22 09:07
by Mark T.R. Donohue

It seems hardly a game goes by these days that I don't notice Cory Sullivan doing something good. Sullivan, who was the Rockies' spring training MVP, has made a rapid recovery from a torn labrum suffered in 2004. So far in 2005 Cory has been spot-starting in the outfield in addition to taking on pinch-hitting and pinch-running duties. He's just waiting for a Preston Wilson deal so he can take over as the full-time centerfielder. In 68 at-bats he's compiled a rather nice .324/.356/.456 line, with four doubles, a triple, and a homer. Sullivan isn't a home run hitter by trade, but he has gap power and the speed to turn singles into doubles and doubles into triples.

Born 8/20/79, Cory Sullivan was a seventh-round draft pick out of Wake Forest by the Rockies in 2001. He's shown a decent knack for getting on base (.344 career OBP in the minors), but like a lot of the young Rockies, he could stand to take a few more walks. Sullivan can steal a base, but according to Baseball America he could stand some refinements in his technique.

Most of this year's prospect guides omit Sullivan due to his injury last year. Cory skipped AAA in making the big league team out of spring training this year, so he's ahead of schedule. Outfield defense is incredibly important at Coors Field, with its huge gaps, and Sullivan has the tools to be the cornerstone of a very nice young trio with Matt Holliday and Brad Hawpe's great arms. Now if only a certain $12 million millstone would magically disappear.

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