Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Midwestern Bound
2005-05-23 10:08
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Joe Kennedy: "I was thinking 'He's going to run into him.' If there's no interference call, I am out on the field and definitely getting ejected." Also: Aaron Miles guarantees runs for Shawn Chacon, Preston Wilson takes a nap. No cause has been determined for Clint Hurdle's daughter's condition. Jamie Quirk will resume acting manager duties today in Milwaukee. On the lighter side, Clint Barmes overloads on Slurpees. Apparently the visiting players' lounge at PNC Park has a machine. I wonder if the home team gets one too, or it's all a part of a plot to give the Pirates' opponents nasty Slurpee migraines right before games.

Brian Fuentes: "Now that I'm doing it, I want to be the best closer I can be." That's the spirit! As noted elsewhere, Aaron Cook is in extended spring training, where he expects to make at least one more start before a 20-day minor league rehab assignment. He may be back before the All-Star break, giving the Rockies six starters, a good problem to have. Quarterly report from Tracy Ringolsby: don't blame the youth movement. Good points to be found here, although I don't necessarily agree with keeping Jason Jennings just because he likes to pitch in Coors Field. He has to pitch well there too.

For fantasy wonks: I have been asked a few times already about whether it's good idea to hang on to Barmes. Here's a much more cogent take on the subject than I could manage. I am too biased to be any good at fantasy sports. I always assume the Chicago Bears are just one lineman away from being good, or this is the year for the Brewers, or Byung-Hyun Kim will put things together at Coors. And I won't put any Reds or Yankees or Mariners on my roster because I hate those teams. I've learned this is no way to win, so I don't play. Anyway, if I understand what this gentleman from ESPN is saying, the story on Barmes is sell high if you can. Most folks figure it's only a matter of time until he comes back down to earth, so worthwhile offers are few and far between. I think he's the real deal, and he does play half his games on the moon, so proceed with caution.

Back soon with your Crüe prevüe.

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