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Anything but Ervin "Magic" Santana
2005-05-24 13:25
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The Angels' rookie pitcher Ervin Santana was marvelous against the White Sox last night, but efforts to find him a nickname have stalled. We need your suggestions! The Angels' broadcast team was trying some plays on Santana song titles, for example, "Evil Ways." "Oye Como Vas" Santana? Not so much. "Supernatural" Santana? Could work, but a little long. "Smooth" Santana? How about "E. Smooth?" Oh, I like that. Angels fans, e-mail your beat writers and broadcasters and let them know about this exciting new moniker.

I'm taking the afternoon off from the news because I'm completely absorbed in the new "Chappelle's Show" DVDs. You will have to look elsewhere for your Shawn Chacon injury updates.

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