Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
News Post, Chicago Edition
2005-05-27 10:30
by Mark T.R. Donohue

All is revealed: you wouldn't like Jason Jennings when he's angry; an experiment gone awry turns him into effective starter and S.O.B. Jeremy Jennings when his ire is raised. "I heard on TV how they were talking about how they were going to sweep us like we are everyone's homecoming game. It's personal." A slight change in his delivery may have helped as well. Meanwhile, Jeromy Burnitz would have loved to stay with the Rockies, but they disrespected him by not giving him a huge raise he didn't deserve. Also, Shawn Chacon won't make his scheduled start Saturday and Aaron Miles will see some DL time. As expected, Byung-Hyun Kim will sub for Chacon.

Jamie Quirk has enjoyed his brief managerial career: "A lot of the things the manager does, you've seen him do it but you're not involved in it. It's been an enlightening experience." Quirk may still be a long-shot candidate for the Royals' job, although Kansas City has publically said they want someone with major league experience. Jamie notes how it's difficult to leave an MLB coaching job to gain managerial experience at a lower level: "It's very hard to leave a major league job. Obviously, the money is better.... Just to go with no guarantees is kind of hard."

As soon as I find something written about Eddy Garabito, I promise you'll hear about it. Meanwhile in Chicago, reaction to the Cubs losing to the Rockies is dramatic: "The Cubs are such marshmallows that you hope they consider using steroids and corking their bats," writes Jay Mariotti. "Right now, we're just not a very good team, that's the bottom line," says Todd Walker (registration required). If they want to keep hacking away at every pitch they see the rest of this series, that'd be just fine with me and the Rockies' pitching staff.

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