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Cubs 5, Rockies 1
2005-05-28 20:14
by Mark T.R. Donohue

As I was driving from Chicago to Grand Island, Nebraska (on my way back to Boulder), the beat went on for the Rockies. Early MVP candidate Derrek Lee homered for the third and fourth times in the last two days as the Cubs easily defeated Colorado. Todd Helton is still hitless for this series, and 2 for his last 42. Byung-Hyun Kim pitched as well as could be expected (5 innings, 3 homers, 5 runs, but happily no walks), but the Rockies' offense utterly rolled over for Glendon Rusch. Dustan Mohr, getting the start against the lefty, had two of Colorado's six hits. Luis Gonzalez chipped in another two, and Preston Wilson had the lone RBI.

Before the game, the Cubs reacted quickly to the loss of Mark Prior, dealing useless reliever LaTroy Hawkins to San Francisco for two fairly interesting young guys. Giants' GM Brian Sabean said the high risk was worth it for Hawkins: "We're in desperate need to rearrange the bullpen. We followed (Hawkins) for the better part of May. I believe he needs a change of scenery. He'll fit in nice in our seventh and eight inning." Just don't boo him, San Franciscans, he's sensitive like that.

Clint Hurdle returned to the Rockies Friday, and it sounds like his daughter is going to be OK. I guess that means I can go back to advocating his firing. Neifi Perez: "It bothers me to not have been [in Colorado] my whole career. It's still a painful subject." Perez claims he called his shot in Friday's game as well. Clint Barmes, hitless today, turned an ankle Thursday and that's why he missed the game I attended. The ugly Todd Helton feud with broadcaster Wayne Hagin will be revisited this coming week with the Cardinals in town.

It's never too early to start talking about whom the bad teams will trade. SI fantasy writer David Sabino repeats what we already know about the Rockies: Preston Wilson will go, Todd Helton probably won't. Speaking of bad teams, here's a Royals managerial search update: Art Howe and Buddy Bell interviewed, Jerry Manuel and Terry Collins scheduled. But is Kansas City moving too fast?

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