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Tuesday News
2005-05-31 16:46
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Measured answers to pointed questions from Troy E. Renck. The best question is the last one -- why does Hurdle keep giving Desi Relaford and Todd Greene starts when the Rockies' won-loss record is clearly just an academic question at this point? There is no good answer to this question. Hurdle (apparently) doesn't have to win to keep his job. Also, further Preston Wilson speculation. I am backing off this topic until I see a rumor mentioned in more than one place.

Another story everyone is sick of: the Wayne Hagin-Todd Helton conflict. The Rockies' brass have apparently asked Hagin to avoid Helton at all costs during this series, which seems like needless escalation to me. One imagines Hagin is as anxious to get this ugly situation behind him as Helton is. Well, the newspapers have to run something in between all the car dealership spreads, I guess. A St. Louis columnist gives his readers a fairly accurate reading on the state of the Rockies, although the musings about steroids he brings in towards the end are completely silly.

It'll be at least a week until Aaron Miles tries any baseball activities...Matt Anderson, step right up...Jason Jennings can set a dubious record tonight...two big names are out of the draft at the last moment...Purple Row wants your opinion on to whom Colorado needs to hang on. My list: Francis, Closser, Barmes, Hawpe, Holliday, Carvajal, Sullivan. Oh, and Todd Helton. He's good.

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