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Cardinals 8, Rockies 6
2005-06-01 22:59
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Well, this one didn't lack for offense (17 hits for the Cards, 12 for the Rockies), but it also didn't lack for Byung-Hyun Kim, whose days of dominance in a D-Backs uniform are a distant memory indeed. Kim came in in the seventh with the bases loaded and nobody out and induced a run-scoring double play. But then he threw an ugly slider to the backstop, allowing pinch-hitter (Tony, you so crazy) Jason Marquis, who had singled off of Blaine Neal, to score and giving the Cardinals all the lead they would need.

Joe Kennedy didn't do much for the cause, allowing 11 hits in five innings and walking three for good measure. Desi Relaford and Preston Wilson committed errors in the first inning to allow St. Louis to jump out to an early lead. Matt Anderson bettered his first Rockies appearance with a scoreless ninth, but Clint Barmes and Relaford couldn't do anything with Luis Gonzalez on base and Jason Isringhausen pitching in the bottom of the inning.

Six runs and eleven hits is something, at least. Barmes had three doubles, perhaps motivated by his poor showing in the All-Star balloting. Relaford was 3 for 5 as well. Matt Holliday went 2 for 3 with a walk. J.D. Closser had a hit and a sacrifice fly. Todd Helton only had one single, but it came after a nice at-bat and knocked in a run.

Any way you look at it, the Rockies are not going to win a lot of games with starting pitching this poor. The offense is only going to improve as the season goes on; the bullpen (sans Kim) is amazingly becoming an asset. I don't think Zach Day is the answer. Maybe Aaron Cook, who knows. Drafting a bunch of college pitchers would not be a bad plan.

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