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Filling Your Rain Delay with News. And Love
2005-06-02 14:28
by Mark T.R. Donohue

SI's John Donovan has Clint Barmes on his NL All-Star ballot. Good man. On the same site, Jacob Luft says Barmes doesn't deserve a bid when you take the Coors Field effect into account. CBS has him on their projected roster (although you might noticed they goofed by not including any Reds when each team has to have at least one representative). Barmes can only help his cause by putting up more three-extra base hit nights, home or away. In SI's power rankings (and CBS SportsLine's), the Rockies have the #29 spot more or less locked down.

Joe Kennedy struggles against righties...roster roundup: Dan Miceli will be the next arm to be tried in the pen, O'Dowd would like to add released Royals utilityman Eli Marrero, and the Nationals were going to trade Zach Day for Florida's Juan Encarnacion, not Preston Wilson, before his arm was found to be broken...David Eckstein on Barmes: "I like his game; he's fundamentally sound. And he's aggressive. You don't see that a lot in young players."

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