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Beaten By the Field
2005-06-04 11:04
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Off the Rockies beat for a second, because it's amusing: Octavio Dotel, erstwhile A's closer, is electing to have dramatic, career-threatening elbow surgery against the opinions of four medical professionals. "It's my elbow," Dotel is apparently saying. "Either you cut it open or I will."

Make sure you put those Todd Helton bobblehead toothbrush holders in the dishwasher before use lest you catch flu-like symptoms. Clint Hurdle on TGTBATB fave Cory Sullivan: "He definitely can play center field. He probably could hit enough to carry his part of the load if you've got some other big bats in the lineup. The Juan Pierres of this day and age are pretty special." Wait, what's so special about Juan Pierre? According to this same article Coors Field had its first in-game tornado warning yesterday, a fact I think Rockies brass should immediately interpolate into their advertising strategy.

Jamey Wright is one shelling away from demotion, what with the surplus of starting options the Rockies presently have...wait, wait, this is a new one: Preston Wilson expects to be traded...all about Luke Hochevar, who the Rockies will likely take Tuesday if Scott Boras can scare away the teams selecting first through sixth...ESPN has us 30th, moving the Royals up to 22nd just for sweeping the Yankees. Oh, come on, everybody is sweeping the Yankees these days.

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