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2005-06-06 16:27
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Well, nifty.

Clint Barmes' disappointing showing in the All-Star voting is the least of our worries now, as the rookie shortstop will miss three months after breaking his collarbone in a grocery-related fall down the stairs at home. When will major league baseball players learn to stop messing with groceries? How many careers must brown paper Safeway bags claim before the madness ends?

Well, here are the upsides as I see them: Luis Gonzalez is going to get to play every day, which hopefully will convince management that he belongs as the everyday second baseman after Barmes' return over Aaron Miles. Jeff Francis's stiffest competition for National League Rookie of the Year honors is now out of the way. Jay Witasick could make the All-Star Game as the lone Rockies representative, raising his trade value. And Colorado has an excellent shot at the 1962 Mets' futility mark, meaning a #1 overall pick in the draft next year and quite possibly more attention for this weblog.

Still, what a terrible thing to happen to a team just beginning to creep towards the outskirts of dignity. Remarkable luck has to occur for a team to win scads of games, like the '98 Yankees or the '01 Mariners. Likewise, terrible unplanned things have to happen in order for a team to be truly awful. Things like Byung-Hyun Kim spot starts, for example.

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