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2005 Draft
2005-06-07 13:15
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Well, the draft is underway as we speak. So far the Rockies have taken Long Beach State shortstop Troy Tulowitzki #7, Winthrop outfielder Daniel Carte #52, and a brace of extremely young righthanders (Chaz Roe #32,  Zachary Simons #55, and Kyle Hancock #87). Luke Hochevar's contract demands proved too rich for Colorado's blood and the pitcher went to the Dodgers at #40.

The draft is fun to watch, it moves much faster than the NBA or NFL drafts even if you have never heard of any of the guys getting picked. This is probably a product of baseball not allowing trades of draft picks. As far as the Rockies go, I would certainly like to see them add some pitching talent that is closer to the big leagues in the later rounds. At some point their development system has to link up with the positives they're running out there now.

You can read some more about the top picks in the draft at Row knows way more about this stuff than I...the Post correctly predicted Tulowitzki as first pick...Baseball America has capsule descriptions of the top 200 prospects.

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