Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Rockies 2, Tigers 0
2005-06-11 09:35
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Your best guess is as good as mine. Coming off an ugly sweep at the hands of the White Sox, with the combustible Jamey Wright on the mound and a lineup featuring such last men standing as Garabito, Mohr, Relaford, and Ardoin, the Rockies effortlessly shut out the Tigers in a game that went by so quick viewers at home probably were unaware of the one-hour rain delay. OK, so the offense consisted entirely of Garrett Atkins (3 for 4 with a two-run homer). With Barmes and Holliday out and Francis fading, maybe now Atkins is the face of "Gen R." "The Good, the Bad, and the Atkins" doesn't have the same punch though. It's the lack of alliteration.

Jamey Wright looked like he was pitching anywhere but Coors Field, giving up six hits and walking one as only back-to-back Detroit singles in the eighth and the Rockies' lack of run support prevented him from going for the complete game shutout. Jay Witasick and Brian Fuentes were ruthlessly efficient out of the bullpen, striking out three, and there's your ballgame. If I was a negative sort of person I could note that the Colorado 1-2 batters went 0 for 8 and the lineup all in all was littered with easy outs for the Tigers' mediocre starter Mike Maroth, but that's just not me. Good luck to them today as Jason Jennings faces off against Jeremy Bonderman.

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