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Tigers 6, Rockies 4
2005-06-12 04:09
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I barely watched any of this game, as Fox Rocky Mountain fuzzed out for some reason shortly after the regularly scheduled rain delay, and by the time it came back on I was engrossed in the Phillies-Brewers game over on Extra Innings. Rickie Weeks is just settling into his role as everyday second baseman after Junior Spivey's departure. His double-play partner, J.J. Hardy, hit his first major league home run. Also, the Brewers TV announcers were having a good game. In addition to their analysis of Weeks' Gary Sheffield-like pre-swing bat waggle, they divulged something I found fascinating. Apparently in the Milwaukee clubhouse they keep a chart of all the umpires for each series, their interests, and the names of their spouses and children. What a great idea! Does every major league team do this, or is Milwaukee gaining a small-talk advantage? Sucking up to umps could be the new Moneyball!

But you have to dance with who brung ya, and this is (sadly) still a Rockies site. So, as quickly as possible: Preston Wilson was 3 for 4, Garrett Atkins 2 for 4 (he's pushing .300), and the Rockies had nine hits overall, which is better than they've been doing recently but still not very good for a home game. They had no extra-base hits. That's really not good for a home game. Jason Jennings took another loss but he wasn't that bad, giving up four earned in six innings. Detroit's starter, Jeremy Bonderman, had a very similar line (eight hits to Jennings' nine, two strikeouts to Jennings' three, each gave up four earned, pitched six, and walked two) but got the win.

Further bright spots? Well, it may stop as soon as he moves up any higher in the lineup than the eighth spot, but J.D. Closser continues to draw walks with pleasing frequency. David Cortes struck out two in his one inning of work. Desi Relaford committed a costly error, so maybe someone will wise up and bench him or trade him soon. (Not that Luis Gonzalez playing out of position would be a huge upgrade defensively, but who understands the reasoning behind anything Clint Hurdle does?) Oh, and personal fave Kyle Farnsworth struck out the side in the eighth for the Tigers. I knew all he needed was to be traded to a city where all-nighters downtown aren't sexy fun, but borderline suicidal.

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