Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Indians 7, Rockies 6 (11 innings)
2005-06-15 21:53
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Another road game, another "learning experience." The Rockies get out to a five-run lead and the bats go silent. The Indians crawl back into it off of a no-worse-than-usual Joe Kennedy. As soon as Brian Fuentes starts getting some positive attention, boom, here comes the game-tying, save-blowing ninth inning home run. Then Aaron Boone of all people touches Blaine Neal for the game-winner. This team is just hexed on the road, and by hexed I mean they have a bunch of players who aren't very good.

Garrett Atkins continues to be red hot (3 for 6, 2 runs batted in), and Ryan Shealy made his presence felt with a single, a double, and two RBIs of his own. Eddy Garabito was 2 for 4 hitting leadoff and Desi Relaford had two hits as well. It doesn't mean much now, but Jay Witasick was great for two high-pressure innings, striking out four. No fewer than six relief pitchers shut the Rockies' offense down after C.C. Sabathia failed to make it out of the fourth.

I "watched" most of this game on ESPN GameCast while hanging out at a Boulder coffee joint, so my pain was somewhat lessened. A text popup simply doesn't have the impact of a good radio call or the sight of an outfielder craning their neck at a long gone one. Who else is really ready for trade season to begin in earnest so we'll have some new things to write about besides bad starting pitching and ghastly road trips?

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