Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Orioles 4, Rockies 2
2005-06-20 15:32
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Just another road loss marked by complete offensive ineptitude. Jeff Francis struck out eight in six innings but gave up a homer to Rafael Palmeiro that turned out to be the difference in the sixth. Preston Wilson homered for Colorado, but the Rockies managed a sum total of five hits off of Hayden Penn and nothing against the Baltimore bullpen. I really have no suggestions at this point, besides Get Better Players. And take some more pitches.

In the midst of the Brendan Donnelly imbroglio, former Rockies reliever Curtis Leskanic admits many pitchers, at least at altitude, were guilty of the same sin: "I think you should be fined if you don't use pine tar when you're pitching at Coors Field"...Shawn Chacon feels that three rehab starts in his comeback from a strained left hamstring are excessive...Tracy Ringolsby notes that a Jason Jennings trade may be a longshot, Brad Hawpe is a gamer, and the Rockies' poor attendance numbers are a matter of perspective.

Nothing exciting on the trade-rumor front today, unless you count idle speculation about Preston Wilson to the White Sox. Later: Astro-nomics.

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