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Please Just Trade Somebody Already
2005-06-21 07:11
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Preston Wilson to the Cubs (registration required) rumors persist, as Chicago came dangerously close to falling to .500 this week and their unloved crosstown siblings continue to win as if it's going out of style. Meanwhile (and although our interest in them died out with the Venison Incident), AL and NL All-Star Voting results show that most of the major oversights are on their way to being corrected. Do go vote for Paul Lo Duca and Mark Texeira if you get a chance, as Mike Piazza and Tino Martinez certainly don't deserve to start in their places.

We haven't taken a look at the NL West race for a while, seeing as we've been out of it since the first road trip of the season. The Padres beat the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks fell to the Giants as one of those periodic divisional round-robins began yesterday. As it stands today the Padres are in first at 39-31, while Arizona is 4 1/2 back, the Dodgers 5 1/2, and San Francisco an even 9. The Giants have already written off their season, and early overachievers Arizona, losers of five in a row, are working their way off the map as we speak. I expect it'll come down to the Southern California teams, and younger, healthier San Diego has the edge. Eric Gagne could be lost for the year to Los Angeles, who also have a finger injury to Milton Bradley with which to contend. The LA Times' Tim Brown writes about the confusing state of the trade market, mentioning that "for prospects, one could have just about any Colorado Rocky." That's not exactly true, Tim, and please: there is no correct singular form of "Rockies," like "White Sox" or "Heat."

Reluctantly, we return to the local beat. With the Devil Rays' victory in New York, the Rockies are now officially the worst road team in baseball, although thanks to the exchange of some young relievers for old, they are no longer the youngest...Joe Kennedy has an option left, meaning he could well be sent down to Colorado Springs after Shawn Chacon completes his rehab assignment there...Ryan Shealy will not return with the big league club to Denver, but he appreciated his brief stint in the Show. Also: The Rockies want Ronny Cedeno (misidentified by the News as "Johnny") from the Cubs in a potential Wilson trade, have signed Aquilino Lopez to a minor league deal, and may pursue Mike DeJean, released by the Mets.

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