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The Once Over Twice
2005-06-24 21:26
by Mark T.R. Donohue

It's been a really good day for baseball. The Rockies are up big against Kansas City. The White Sox thrashed the Cubs. The Mets set a dubious record while beating the Yankees. The Orioles finally fell out of first place. Just as I was writing this, Bobby Kielty hit a homer to extend the A's lead on the Giants. It's just one of those rare days where all the teams I like seem to be winning and all the teams I hate seem to be taking it on the chin. If the Brewers and Padres hang on and the Dodgers break their tie against Anaheim, it'll be a miraculous clean sweep. How often do all the non-A's AL West teams, the Yankees, and the Cubs lose on the same day?

Since I'm feeling so chipper, how about an unscheduled trade winds update? I don't believe we've linked CBS SportsLine's trade rumor ticker before, so there that is. They list Preston Wilson and Joe Kennedy, as you'd expect, but dig this: "Wilson may be the best player available right now...the Rockies might have to eat some salary to make a deal, but not as much as originally expected." Well, that's nice to hear. Listed as Wilson possibilities: Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington, Texas, and the Cubs. Listed as Kennedy destinations: Oakland, Texas, Los Angeles, San Francisco.'s trade block pictorial features Wilson (listing the Orioles as the frontrunning suitor), Kennedy (with scads of possibilities: the Yankees, Baltimore, the White Sox, Atlanta, Florida, the Mets), and one of the least flattering photos of Todd Helton you'll ever see, which is saying something. The Red Sox and Yankees are said to be the teams after Todd.

Hey, one more random feel-good story: It looks like Rick Ankiel is making something of his new career as an outfielder after all.

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