Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Rockies 4, Royals 2
2005-06-26 10:58
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Jeff Francis pitched another excellent home game, the Rockies' offense coaxed out some runs in the most torturous possible fashion, and the Colorado bullpen turned in another effortless performance in dispatching the Royals. Runelvys Hernandez walked three straight in the second, two with the bases loaded, and Garrett Atkins added a sacrifice fly as the Rockies scored all the runs they would need early. An Atkins double in the eighth added Colorado's final run.

Francis allowed six hits and one walk leading to two earned runs in seven solid. Jay Witasick and Brian Fuentes pitched the eighth and ninth, setting down all six batters they faced. Sure, it's only the Royals, but it still warms the heart to see the Rockies pitch this well. Too bad about Jason Jennings, Joe Kennedy, and Jamey Wright.

Mike DeJean is coming back to Colorado, and it's by choice. As Tracy Ringolsby notes, DeJean is the third pitcher after Jay Witasick and Dan Miceli to be pursued and lost by the Rockies during the offseason, only to sign with them after being released elsewhere. Clint Hurdle is under fire (although not from upper management). In Hurdle's defense, his team is not good. It's not as if Lou Piniella, a terrific manager, has had much success making a silk purse out of the Devil Rays. Wait until Hurdle starts losing with good players, then fire him.

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