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Prepare for De-Prestonization
2005-07-09 12:07
by Mark T.R. Donohue

A trade for Preston Wilson to the Nationals is imminent! Or maybe it isn't! Zach Day and New Orleans Zephyr J.J. Davis would be the Rockies' bounty, assuming Colorado assumes more of the burden of Wilson's salary than they currently seem willing. The Washington Post also mentions the possibility of a three-way deal involving the White Sox, who would flip prospects and cash to the Rockies for Day, presumptively. Not sure what Chicago would get out of that transaction, especially since they're in hard on Jason Schmidt. No one seems to be very excited about either Day or Davis, myself included, and with the news that Mark Kotsay seems likely to resign in Oakland, Colorado may want to wait the market out a little more. Plenty more shopping days until the end of the month. (And the trade "deadline" is probably meaningless when it comes to Wilson, as the Rockies would be tickled pink if someone put a waiver claim on him.)

Unrelated update: I can't resist any story that offers further evidence of Jeff Kent being a jerk. So: here and here. What a week!

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