Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Padres 12, Rockies 2
2005-07-09 10:09
by Mark T.R. Donohue

OK, the Rockies are not experiencing a midseason resurgence. They're still bad. Jamey Wright is not a good starter. They're better than Tampa Bay, but that's not saying much. Colorado is going to enter the All-Star Break without having won a single road series, and in general, competitive teams can hold their own on the road. Jeff Francis, Garrett Atkins, and (obviously) Todd Helton are good. Brian Fuentes is worth holding on to. Everybody else is either trade bait or needs to take the second half to prove themselves. I'm looking at you, J.D. Closser, Cory Sullivan, Marcos Carvajal, Luis Gonzalez, Brad Hawpe. If you can get Clint Hurdle to play you regularly. Good luck with that.

The less said about yesterday's game, the better. I realize Hurdle probably just wanted to give him some work with the break pending, but Byung-Hyun Kim is simply unfit for relief service. Bobby Seay looks to be the next sorta young guy exchanged for an older stopgap (Jose Acevedo). Although Seay is only six months younger than Acevedo, which probably indicates that Colorado needn't give him many more chances. Preston Wilson, with a homer, is being very cooperative with plans to trade him.

About that: the Denver papers had their chance to weigh in on the Zach Day rumors this morning, and it looks like they remain rumors for now. "Nothing is imminent," says Dan O'Dowd, and he would know better than I. The Rocky Mountain News offers conjecture about a competing offer from Texas, naming Ian Kinsler (.277/.342/.489, 16 homers in AAA) as a possible Colorado target. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Update: Mark Kotsay got his extension in Oakland. That means the Yankees and Cubs will look anew at Preston Wilson. In related news, the Chad Bradford-for-Jay Payton swap which some outlets had reported as a done deal is anything but. I love this time of year!

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