Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Rockies 1, Padres 0 and Padres 8, Rockies 5
2005-07-10 17:12
by Mark T.R. Donohue

See, look what happens; I decide at the last minute not to go to a game and history ends up being made. If you haven't already heard, Saturday's win for Colorado was the first 1-0 final ever at Coors Field. Still, I don't regret staying home to watch the second game of the Oakland-Chicago series, which really has far more bearing on how this season might end up being remembered. The one run in that game scored on a double by Luis Gonzalez, who got a rare start at short. I've been advocating trying Luis "N.R." at shortstop for a while, so, good for you, Clint. Of course Gonzalez made a fielding error.

Who knows what got into Jason Jennings, who pitched eight scoreless. Whatever it was, Jeff Francis didn't have it today, as the Rockies will go into the All-Star Break with something they've seen plenty of this year: a series loss. Gonzalez started at short again and had three hits, as did Garrett Atkins. A total of 14 Colorado hits did not lead to victory, however. And the beat goes on.

It appears as if those weird rumors about a six-man rotation were indeed just rumors. Joe Kennedy will be the odd man out, according to It's not clear what other use the Rockies will have for Kennedy. They could always just release him, as they did Denny Neagle, who was making more money than Joe. Of course, Kennedy has not had any recent run-ins with the ladies of the night as far as we know.

Terry Frei had some words with Dan O'Dowd, who is apparently backtracking on using the altitude as an excuse...Preston Wilson: it's about the money...Troy E. runs down the midseason skinnny on Colorado's kiddie corps...Tracy Ringolsby was on the radio this morning saying he'd be happy with a rotation of Francis/Cook/Jennings/Chacon/Kim next year. I politely disagree.

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