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Operation Underwhelm
2005-07-13 22:12
by Mark T.R. Donohue

After weeks of discussion, two trades involving the Rockies went down today, each in pretty much the form we expected. The Preston Wilson to Washington deal was finally completed, with J.J. Davis accompanying Zach Day to Colorado. The Nationals and the Rockies have been haggling about who would pay what portion of Wilson's salary for a month now, and in a sense they still are. Officially the trade includes a player to be named later or cash considerations to be sent to the Rockies, I imagine that this will end up being simply a valve for the ex-Expos to send some of Colorado's Preston money back the other way. But maybe if Wilson leads the Nats to the playoffs, they'll be so grateful that they'll send a real prospect. Otherwise this deal means nothing for Colorado after this year.

The other trade moves Jay Witasick and Joe Kennedy to Oakland for Eric Byrnes and Omar Quintanilla. Quintanilla is the only surprise here. I'm not at home right now so I will crack my books on the middle infield prospect later. Byrnes is a likable personality but not a terrific player; he's a tweener who's not enough of a hitter to start in a corner outfield spot and not quite enough of a glove to play center full-time. He does have a knack for web gems, though, often produced when he completely misreads fly balls off the bat. He's not any better than Matt Holliday and a step down from Brad Hawpe. I guess the Colorado plan is to let him and Cory Sullivan duke it out for the centerfield job. Maybe, just maybe, it means they'll put Dustan Mohr out of his misery. No guarantees.

With the return of Shawn Chacon and potentially Aaron Cook, the Rockies have no use for Joe Kennedy. I, for one, won't miss him. Witasick on the other hand will leave a void. Hopefully Dan Miceli will continue pitching as well as he has recently, because the last thing we need is a return to the insanity of early April's bullpen.

More on these deals when I get home to my research library.

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