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The Future is Now
2005-07-15 10:55
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The Rockies should take four days off more often. Seriously, there's been more exciting news this week than the whole season to this point. Of course, when your team is as bad as Colorado, the trade deadline is what passes for the postseason. Despite their bumbling, I'm looking forward to the game against Cincinnati tonight. I missed these guys! I'm also looking forward to how Eric Byrnes will look in a Rockies uniform. If it were up to me (and assuming Brad Hawpe is indeed unavailable), I would try a lineup something like this tonight:

1. Cory Sullivan CF
2. Garrett Atkins 3B
3. Todd Helton 1B
4. Eric Byrnes LF
5. Jorge Piedra RF
6. Luis Gonzalez 2B
7. Eddy Garabito SS
8. J.D. Closser C
9. Jason Jennings P

Not...terrible. Of course, Dr. Clint in his infinite wisdom will probably run Dustan Mohr, Desi Relaford, Aaron Miles, and Danny Ardoin out there. Mohr and Relaford should just be released if they can't be moved before the end of the month. They're only blocking guys who might as well play seeing as the win-loss record from here on out is immaterial. Luis Gonzalez deserves a look as an everyday player, and if not now, then when? As for Ardoin vs. Closser, I'm tired of arguing about this. I know Danny has his defenders, but the guy is 30 and can't hit a lick. Closser has a chance to be a contributor; the Rockies need to maximize his PT to see if he can rediscover his form from late last year. If Colorado is to pursue a catcher in free agency next offseason, they should know what they have already in the organization first.

The rumor du jour has Shawn Chacon packing his bags for the Bronx. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, Chacon is no great shakes as a pitcher and the oft-disparaged Yankees farm system has proven a lot deeper than expected so far this year. Pitchers Sean Henn and Scott Proctor are the names mentioned by the Post. On the other hand, Chacon seems a true rarity: a pitcher who appreciates the unique challenges and opportunities offered by starting at Coors Field. It never hurts to have a relatively inexpensive known quantity or two at the back end of your rotation. More about Proctor and/or Henn when and if we acquire them.

Quickly, some more morning reading: a new Troy E-bag,'s NL West midseason report, Mark Cuban wants to buy the Cubs. If you have and access to the archived game telecasts, I highly recommend viewing Rich Harden's performance from last night. Harden threw only 81 pitches in two-hitting the Rangers. Boy, if they ever get this Baseball World Cup thing off the ground, Team Canada is going to have a heck of a pitching staff.

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