Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Reds 4, Rockies 3
2005-07-16 17:56
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Well, this could be a problem. With Jay Witasick in Oakland (where incidentally he couldn't get a single man out in his first appearance), Bobby Seay took the ball in the eighth inning of a one-run game in Cincinnati and promptly delivered the game safely into the Reds' hands. Adam Dunn hit a two-run shot to give Cincy all the runs they would need. Jorge Piedra's homer in the top of the ninth went to waste as David Weathers was able to earn an extremely cheap save. Ken Griffey had a homer and made a great throw to the plate. Remember when he used to have that sort of game all of the time? Those were the days.

Jason Jennings pitched really well (perhaps Hurdle's vote of confidence in having him start the second-half opener paid immediate dividends). Danny Ardoin had a weakly struck RBI single (I still think Closser should be playing). Both teams had six hits. These are bad teams.

Weird lineup tonight, with Miles leading off and Dustan Mohr in center. (Dustan Mohr in center? Isn't Byrnes a little more suited for that job?) Ryan Spilborghs is making his major league debut, I guess I'll get something up about him later. Hopefully Jeff Francis will be at the top of his game because the offense isn't doing anybody any favors. If Clint Hurdle has been assured his job is secure, why is managing against the stated plans of his superiors? Could it be he doesn't know what he's doing? Do I hear an echo?

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