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Trade Winds
2005-07-19 17:46
by Mark T.R. Donohue

As contending teams far and wide begin looking over their shoulders at the out-of-town scoreboards, general managers' eyes turn to the rosters of teams like ours, visions of October dancing in their eyes. Somebody, somewhere, is going to make a trade that "makes a difference," and I don't mean Jody Gerut-for-Jason Dubois. Will someone wearing purple and grey today be seeing playoff action in a few months' time?

Brian Fuentes. Despite past assurances from Dan O'Dowd that All-Star Closer Fuentes will be staying with Colorado for the foreseeable future, SI's Tom Verducci lists Brian as his #8 guy "on the block." As reported by Purple Row, the Angels are sniffing after Fuentes. The Marlins were asking a while ago, but now seem to be looking at Jorge Julio and/or Steve Kline from the Orioles. I don't think the Rockies should trade Fuentes; he's cheap and decent and their bullpen would be an utter fiasco without him. Of course, "fiasco" is relative, it's not like there's going to be a ton of leads to hold from this point onward anyway.

Shawn Chacon. Although some of my colleagues will be sorry to hear it, Chacon is probably gone sooner rather than later. The Yankees have lost interest after Al Leiter fell into their laps (wait a week, boys), but the Denver Post mentions the Giants, Padres, Rangers, and Devil Rays(?) as possible suitors. I've never thought Chacon was that good, and his plunging K/9 and K/BB ratios suggest the Rockies might want to get something from him while the getting is good. Frankly, after his performance last year it's extraordinary he's managed to raise his profile to its current lukewarm level.

Eric Byrnes. Good thing I haven't ordered that #35 jersey yet. The Yankees would like to plug Byrnes in at center, according to the New York Times. I personally wouldn't deal with the Yankees on general principle but the few young guys they have that are worth a toss are either playing (Robinson Cano), hurt (Chien-Ming Wang), or a third baseman (Eric Duncan). Hopefully the Rockies won't rush into making a deal just for the sake of appearing to be doing something as they arguably did with Preston Wilson. Byrnes is no superstar but he's not a bad player and unlike Wilson he's not ridiculously overpaid. Plus, the hair.

Bobby Seay is gone, probably for good. Jose Acevedo takes his place. Also Matt Holliday is back, so that's it for Ryan Spilborghs for the time being. Spilborghs had two singles in his lone major league start.

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