Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Nationals 4, Rockies 0
2005-07-20 02:48
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I guess you have to tip your cap to John Patterson, he really had it in this game. Shawn Chacon didn't hurt his trade value any by allowing only two earned in seven innings. Zach Day, on the other hand, was terrible, retiring not a soul in the eighth. It is possible to take starters out of their routine and convert them to relievers in midseason, but it's not always a good idea. Also, Zach Day isn't very good to begin with.

No offensive highlights to report, as Patterson, Mike Stanton, and Chad Cordero combined to four-hit the Rockies. Danny Ardoin is now at an even .200. Eric Byrnes at least looked as if the taste for winning hasn't completely been sucked out of him. Just you wait, kid.

Did anybody else notice that Cordero's jersey says "C. Cordero" on the back? I mean, who even knew Wil Cordero was still playing? And for the Nationals of all teams! That has to be a sign they're not going to the playoffs. Wil Cordero! What is it, 1994?

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