Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Pirates 5, Rockies 3
2005-07-24 09:28
by Mark T.R. Donohue

We lose again. I certainly hope Desi Relaford and Dustan Mohr are being showcased for trades. As for Danny Ardoin's continued playing time, there is no earthly explanation. It's an X-File. Jason Jennings is out for the year. If you notice any difference in the quality of the Rockies' starting pitching in his absence, let me know. They'll have a lot of trouble finding another guy who walks five every nine innings, I'm sure.

The trade deadline draws near and I grow weary of it. The market this year seems such that Phil Nevin for Sidney Ponson might be as exciting as it gets. My only interest in seeing Colorado make a few moves is to guarantee some playing time for guys they already have. No one whom the Rockies would trade is going to bring anything interesting in return. No, not even Eric Byrnes.

What Colorado really needs to combat my boredom and yours is a nice long homestand against some NL West teams, but for that we'll have to wait until September. At least there will be nice big crowds for the Cubs August 19-21. Derrek Lee and Coors. That could be interesting.

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