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Rockies 5, Mets 3
2005-07-26 16:31
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Well, the Rockies win at home, at they quite often do. Sadly the story is not a solid performance by Jose Acevedo or an out-of-nowhere 3 for 3 night from Danny Ardoin but a possibly serious injury to Todd Helton. I mean, this is a bad joke, right? I'm not laughing.

Some fellows were talking on the radio about how had it not been for the injury bug, the Rockies could be "right in" the race in the plodding NL West. I don't know whether that's technically true or not. If Colorado was "contending" at this point, it would be a bad thing, giving management the false impression that the team is much farther along than it actually is. No, the ridiculous rash of injuries that has struck the Rockies is sad for another reason. For a team that knows from Spring Training it's a loser, the hopes are in individual storylines. A grindin' blue collar shortstop who wildly exceed expectations both inside and outside of the organization. Well, that was Clint Barmes, but he got hurt. A second-year player who builds upon his promising rookie season to emerge as one of the league's rising stars. Could have been Matt Holliday, but he got hurt. A relief pitching prospect from an exotic locale with undeniable raw stuff. Chin-Hui Tsao, hurt. If you were following the Rockies this year because of an allegiance to one of their veteran players, too bad for you. Preston Wilson was hurt and then got traded. Shawn Chacon, hurt. Jason Jennings, hurt. Todd Helton, awful slump, now hurt.

And the final insult is, with all that's gone wrong, they're not even bad enough to challenge the all-time futility mark. And I was going to write a book!

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