Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Mo' Trades
2005-07-29 21:22
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Eric Byrnes for Larry Bigbie. Ah, yeah. Bigbie is lefthanded, and cheaper. The Rockies still have way too many outfielders who don't hit home runs.

Meanwhile, the expected crazy stuff is going down right before the deadline. The Padres found a team to trade Phil Nevin to that he couldn't veto, the Rangers. For their trouble they get Chan Ho Park. It's like bad contract-palooza. Torii Hunter could be out for the rest of the season with an ankle injury. That could be it for the Twins' playoff chances. Meanwhile the Mets, Red Sox, and Devil Rays are working on a super-colossal Man-Ram deal. Who knows, trading franchise players has suddenly become good luck for Boston. I'm watching Oakland and Detroit as I'm writing this and it honestly looks as if the A's may never lose again. Kirk Saarloos is their fifth starter and he's better than anyone the Rockies have now or in fact have ever had. That's kind of depressing.

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