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Let's Play Two
2005-08-08 11:13
by Mark T.R. Donohue

The Rockies Disaster Report guys are going to the games today, and so am I, so I guess that makes it the first annual Rockies blogger outing. I don't know where I'll be sitting but I doubt there will be too many other people in authentic Bobby Crosby jerseys, so if you see one, that's me. It's too bad the Rockies are saving Byung-Hyun Kim for the second game tonight, because a BK-Josh Beckett matchup could end up being a Coors pitching duel for the ages. Instead new acquisition Sunny Kim will try his luck with Beckett and Byung-Hyun will oppose Ismael Valdez, most famous for changing his surname (from "Valdes") and his chronic blister problems.

The Rockies will be hard-pressed to beat Beckett (1.13 WHIP, 8.51 K/9) but seeing as something like 70% of doubleheaders result in splits, they ought to get at least one. See you at the ballpark.

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