Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Cubs 5, Rockies 3 and Rockies 4, Cubs 2
2005-08-21 09:51
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Friday's game I think needs no recap. More or less the entire Rockies blog community was of the opinion that Mark Prior would make Colorado look bad and win easily, and lo, it was so. Six hits for the Rockies vs. 15 strikeouts. Jorge Piedra hit a homer, though. Yesterday's game was a great deal more compelling as Aaron Cook gave Rockies fans a lot to be excited about for next season. Brian Fuentes facing Derrek Lee with a guy on and two outs in the ninth? Yes, please! Fuentes won the battle, and Colorado secured one of its better-played victories of the year. Dustan Mohr ripped one off of extremely well-compensated middle reliever Kerry Wood.

Today my loyalties will be tested as I return again to the right-field bleachers for Maddux vs. Francis. I guess I'm going to wear my Cubs gear as I'm attending with a fellow Chicago area expatriate, but I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if Jeff Francis gives the Rockies back-to-back gems. A final note: With Nomar Garciaparra hitting .239, don't you think it's time for umpires to tell him to cut it OUT with the stupid glove-adjusting polka after every pitch?

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