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Rockies 5, Dodgers 4
2005-08-26 19:07
by Mark T.R. Donohue

Two rare but encouraging events converged last night: Matt Holliday hit for some power on the road, and the Rockies got a solid starting performance (from Aaron Cook). Colorado struck out more than the Dodgers, but tied them in walks, so I suppose that is progress. Danny Ardoin had one of his trademark four-strikeout nights. Lord, I can't stand Danny Ardoin. In addition to Holliday's homer, Dustan Mohr connected (as happens more often than not these days) and Aaron Miles hit one as well, only his second of the year. I have heard some hints of sympathy in the press for Miles, who is clearly on his way out. Trust me, Rockies fans: don't cry for Aaron Miles.

The Padres in San Diego tonight, draw your own conclusions. The Padres are a .500 team that's playing like one. They've had a knack for not winning games they should this year so there's no reason the good times can't continue rolling for Clint Hurdle and company. Well, I suppose a Jamey Wright start would constitute a reason. Adam Eaton pitching in the first game for San Diego is another one. Still, Jeff Francis is due for a good game and PetCo is kind to pitchers. How about the Rockies win the first two for an unthinkable four-game road winning streak?

Joe Kennedy will make a spot start for Oakland this weekend. Shawn Chacon, as I think most of you know, has pitched beautifully for New York. No use in crying, et cetera.

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