Baseball Toaster Bad Altitude
Rockies 4, Padres 2 and Padres 4, Rockies 3
2005-08-28 17:27
by Mark T.R. Donohue

I saw none of either game this weekend. USA had a "Monk" marathon on Saturday so I missed Todd Helton providing all the offense in a win that made Rockies history: four consecutive road series wins for the first time ever. This second half is really making up for the dismal first half. If Clint Barmes can come back and play really well in September, and all of our unexpected starting stars -- Kim, Kim, and Cook -- can continue making progress, and Danny Ardoin is mauled by a tiger, well...we'll still probably be the worst team in the National League. But compared to Arizona, Pittsburgh, or the Reds, you have to like our future.

It would have been nice to get the road sweep, but with Jamey Wright on the mound? Not happening. The Rockies did strike out significantly less than the Padres did in this game, so there's a positive. Only six hits, though. I didn't see any of this game because I was concentrating on the A's welcome return to first place. That and mounting Kyle Orton drama. I couldn't help myself and took Orton in the 21st round of my fantasy football draft yesterday; I doubt he will play behind Trent Green and Chad Pennington, but it will be nice to have him as a talisman.

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